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You Are Cordially Invited

To Worship With Bethel Temple, "An Awesome Place.​"

Are you looking for a church that still cares about people?  Do you want to attend a church that preaches and teaches the Bible as the inspired Word of God?  Are you searching for a place where you can develop and use your ministry gifts in the service of God's Kingdom?  Then I think you are looking for a church like Bethel Temple!


Bethel Temple is an non-denominational fellowship with the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission.  We are a New Testament Church who adheres to the Word of God as our guide in faith and practice. 




                                                "Bethel's Vision Statement"


To establish and equip a diverse multicultural ministry staff reflecting our community for the purpose of reaching the unchurched for Christ through high-tech communication, blended worship styles, practical Biblical teaching and wholesome fellowship at non-traditional times suitable to current lifestyles.



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