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The vision for the Singles' Ministry at Bethel Temple Cathedral is to have a group of (Sanctified, Anointed, Biblically Sounded) believers who are totally commited to God and His Word, living an overcoming victorious life in Jesus Christ.  We want each single adult to know their purpose in God through an intimate relationship with God.

The Singles' Ministry is dedicated to the development of maturity, character, integrity, and stability in the lives of single individuals here at Bethel Temple Cathedral.  We aim to assist Singles to seek God First.  We stress Holiness as a lifestyle before God and man and Wholeness as a Must for a victorious life in Christ.  Our method for achieving this is through teaching the Word of God as well as, through prayer and fellowship.

1.  To produce Single Individuals who live a                    lifestyle in direct contrast to the worlds.


2.   Whose delight is in the Law of the Lord.


3.   Whose pleases the Father and be complete

       in Christ.

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