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The Youth / Teenagers Ministry


Bethel Temple Cathedral's Youth Ministry is a Bible Focus type Youth Ministry.  We want kids to know and trust Jesus and adopt His values and we believe that can only happen by God's Word, and we want kids to "do life with Jesus!'  Our program includes:

  • teaching and studying the Bible,

  • being a christian community,

  • living out the values of Jesus,

  • and being a counter-cultural experience (a glimpse of heaven). 


God's people gather around His Word.  That is to know HIm in the Way He reveals Himself by His Word and ultimately in the "Word made flesh" - JESUS.  A Christian gathering doesn't have to look like a typical church service however it is to be a representation of the heavenly Church which includes fellowship around food with edifying fun and laughter with and among others.  


Here at Bethel Temple Cathedral, we believe that Christian people should be and is the happiest people in the world!

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